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I offer Project Management consulting and/or contract Project Management services... as well as Project bidding !


Proper project management is vital to the success of any project (no matter how the job has been estimated). When analyzing why the “job didn’t make money...” the cause is most often because the project manager either skipped or missed the details.

My approach is systematic. It makes it easy for anyone to insure the project finishes on time and within budget! Plus I cover all the bases:

$ Contract & specification review

$ Submittal entry & follow up
$ Scheduling & progress tracking
$ Material & labor cost tracking
$ Payment requisitions & tracking
$ Job closeout document methods

If even one of these items is not done properly, the project can be a loss. The system has been used on hundreds of projects. Many were very large such as the IRS National Headquarters ($5M) in the Washington D.C. area and the Atlanta Federal Center ($6M) to name just two. The jobs made money and were completed on time when some other companies actually had to close their doors due to mismangement. Because of the successful management of the jobs, the company was invited to work with the principals of these projects in their other ventures.

Another feature which can be included in this system is different schedule of value and payment requisition forms which require merely filling in the number- this automates the monthly draw process saving a great deal of time. Also there is a tracking system for following up on payments.

I can set up a systems for you or actually manage your project if you are short staffed.

Everyone needs to have an edge today, especially with the rocky economy and fierce competition in the construction industry. I can give you that edge......

Please give me a call or send an email to schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff Nardi


We have the most comprehensive Project Management system available today!



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