Frequently Asked Questions

1. What companies can benefit from using the NarCon system(s)?

A. First of all see the list located by clicking the button at the top of the home page. But in general, any company whose primary business is subcontracting and/or employs a field service operation, such as: landscapers, plumbers, elevator companies, HVAC, etc.

2. How can my company benefit from using the NarCon system(s)?

A. Both NarCon Project and NarCon Service were designed and utilized to track all information related to a product or service. This includes employee, cost and profit control.. By tracking all outgoing expenses and incoming revenues all job related decisions can be made before they become critical. For instance if you are a caulking subcontractor using NarCon Project the amount of caulk estimated for a particular area would be entered into the Project module. This information is reviewed on a daily basis. If you show you have purchased 50% of the material and you are only 30% completed with that phase, then you know you have a problem. This could be due to an estimating error or it could be a problem with the drawings, in which case you would be entitled to an additive change order from the general contractor.

If you are a service company using NarCon Service you will be tracking all costs associated with a specific contract. You may find at the end of the year the contractual price was to low because you did not hit your target margin. This will allow you to adjust the price. Also, if you found you made more than your target margin you can adjust the price downward to be more competitive.

3. How compatible are the systems with my specific industry?

A. We will tailor the program to your industry- including: product names, employee designations and other peculiarities to your industry.

4. How compatible are the systems with my current software packages?

A. We utlize Lotus Approach as the underlying program. The data is all Dbase IV which is the basis for most databases. Typically with some manipulation the data can be imported into our systems. We also offer a service to input this data for you.

5. How difficult is it to use the program? I am not very computer literate?

A. As I mention on the home page, this system was developed not by a programmer, but by someone actually doing the job functions- from sales, project manager, operations manager to General manager. Therefore it is very easy to enter the data and print and analyze the reports. Any help required can be gained through our support contact page.


If you have any specific questions we have not answered, please go to our Contact Page and forward your question. We will be happy to answer them as soon as we can. If you would like a quicker response, call us at 904-310-6238. Thank you.


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