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With over 25 years of construction product experience and 3,500 general contractors in the Southeast United State.to draw upon, I would like to be your Sales Agent. Utlizing the internet, personal contacts and other sources, I tap into hundreds of projects per month. I take the time to get all the information required to give a good solid quote. All you have to do is estimate it and I will take care of the rest. This includes:

1. Contacting and qualifying the bidders

2. Scoping the job

3. Securing the drawings

4. Negotiating the sale

This means that you can cost out every job you bid and only pay for bidding and securing jobs. No longer does the sales function have to be an overhead item. Think about it - it works!

I am currently representing a Light Gauge Steel Truss fabricator, but I am experienced in many different product lines, including: curtainwall, elevators, glass, waterproofing, concrete renovations and other materials. Give me a call or fax over your request........I will get back to you in a very short time. Start maximizing your efforts.......with NarCon Systems

Contact - NarCon Systems

Amelia Island, FL - Phone: 904-310-6238

fax #2: 443-241-2289
email: bidsales@NarConSystems.com

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